Murphy’s Kinlock Pharmacy

About this Project

Murphy’s Pharmacies is an award winning health care provider offering retail pharmacy and medical centre spaces. The addition of the new Kinlock Crossing location provides Stratford residents with more choice and accessibility to these important services. We were excited to breathe new life into the existing building and were tasked with creating a warm, clean, bright and inviting space where the Murphy’s brand and local feel was well balanced with natural materials and a modern accessible design. The finished product is an airy and light space that takes full advantage of abundant natural light and is grounded by natural wood elements and one of the Island’s first Mossart Green Wall. Care was taken to select low impact materials and energy efficient fixtures, ensuring that the space would not only look beautiful but provide a healthy indoor environment and a lower carbon footprint.

Social / Community Impact

Increased accessibility to a pharmacy and medical services

Environmental Impact

Green wall, low impact materials and energy efficient fixtures