Meet Our Team

Who We Are
We are passionate designers.

Our team is made up of Prince Edward Island-based architects, interior designers, and technologists who are endlessly inspired by bringing sustainable design to life.

What We Do
We bring your vision to life.

No matter how small or large the project, we’re the composers of your grand vision. We take your dream and work our magic by breaking it down into tangible steps that bring it into form.

Why We Do It
Because we love design.

Changing a landscape is a big responsibility that we do not take lightly. We believe timeless architecture deserves a thoughtful approach and strive to provide the best design for every project.

Rob Haggis

Principal Architect


Robert is the founder and principal Architect of SableARC Studios. With a Master of Design Science in Sustainable Design and LEED® BD + C certification, he is an advocate of sustainable design practices and actively promotes the benefits of eco-effective design and planning. Robert strives to improve our natural and built environment in every project with use of forward-thinking and a practical design approach.

Bill Saul

Senior Architect


Bill Saul is an AAPEI, AAA and AIA registered architect with over 25 years of experience. Bill’s mix of architecture experience coupled with his strong portfolio of work allows him to lend intelligent insight to all projects.

Cassie Burhoe

Intern Architect

BEDS, M.Arch

Cassie is graduate from the Master of Architecture program at Dalhousie University and is working towards her architectural accreditation. Cassie has developed rigorous logical thinking skills that complement her studies in design and the visual arts.

Mark McKenna

Architectural Technologist

B.Comm, Architectural Technology Diploma

Mark has a BBA from UPEI and an Architectural Technology Diploma from Holland College. Mark has worked on a variety of projects in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors and is experienced in project coordination and contract administration.

David Rosas

Visualization Artist


David has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon. As an experienced Arts and Design professional, David is able to project compelling drawings and images that help clients visualize and experience their projects before construction.

Troy Livingstone

Senior Architectural Technologist/Project Manager


Troy has over 20 years of experience working on commercial, educational, institutional and residential projects in Canada and Bermuda. His exposure to diverse projects has given him a unique ability to efficiently develop creative solutions to complex design problems.

Greg Munn

Senior Architect


Greg Munn is an AAPEI and AIA registered architect with over 30 years’ experience that includes new design, preservation, rehabilitation, heritage planning, and sustainable design. Building types vary from single-family residential to commercial and large scale institutional.

Courtenay MacLeod

Office Manager


Courtenay has a Bachelor of Commerce and spends her days managing the office, collaborating on proposals, and wrangling design professionals.

Anne Irving

Interior Designer

B.A. Psychology, Architectural Technology Diploma, B.I.D. (Ongoing)

A former Architectural Technologist, Anne Irving is an interior design student working towards her Bachelor of Interior Design. Anne has experience in space planning, renovations, project coordination and contract administration.

Julian Fogarty

Senior Project Manager

Julian is a Senior Project Manager with 20+ yrs experience as both a Project Manager and as an Architectural Technologist. Julian has experience in the construction industry in Europe, Australia and Canada where he has worked on a variety of projects including healthcare, education, commercial & residential projects. Julian has extensive on-site experience and has been the PM in numerous projects up to $140m in project cost. He is a past member of the Alberta Building Envelope Commission and the Project Management Institute.

Jodi Crompton

Senior Interior Design/Project Manager


Jodi is a creative and disciplined Interior Designer. Her functional programming, space planning, and interior concept development skills are aided by her exceptional graphic presentation skills and proficient use of Photoshop, InDesign, AutoCAD and Revit software.

Monica Norman

Intern Architect

M.Arch, BSc. ENG

Beginning with a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, Monica has obtained a Master of Architecture and is now working towards her architectural accreditation with SableARC Studios inc. Her studies and training have developed a skillset overlapping both logic, structure and innovation. As a LEED® Green Associate, Monica also plans to seek LEED®AP accreditation in the future.

Heather MacEwen



Heather is a CPA who keeps us all in check and balanced. What else do you say about an accountant?

Daniel MacFadyen

Senior Architectural Technologist/Project Manager

Architectural Technology Diploma

Daniel MacFadyen has been working as an Architectural Technologist and Project Manager for over 12 years. He has worked on projects from a wide range of construction including commercial, residential, industrial and institutional projects across the Atlantic Provinces.

Ramona and Lola



Lola and Ramona have keen noses for design and are often sniffing out new ideas. Proficient in snackies, they have an unparalleled ability to detect which coworkers will share their lunch and who keeps a stash of biscuits on their desk. When the barkitects aren’t hard at work greeting clients and barking orders, they can be found looking out a window for inspiration or snoring loudly on a set of drawings.

Ira Birt

Code Reviewer

Ira has a Diploma in Architectural Design from Granton Institute of Technology. He brings over 25 years of experience in the design and review of buildings under the National Building Code of Canada. His background and knowledge help to ensure safe and code-compliant building design.

Jennifer MacCoul

Intern Architect

BEDS, M.Arch Candidate