What is SableBLOGS?

SableARC Studios is a gathering of like-minded individuals who have a shared passion for architecture, sustainability and PEI living. Having come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, we are drawn together by the pursuit of great design. We recognize that our diversity is our strength and we wish to explore and share aspects of our journeys and how they inform our work. We want to include others on the Island and in the Atlantic Region in our conversation who, through their business or service, are in step with our goals and ideals. We are forward thinking, searching for innovation while believing in and exploring the lessons of traditional and vernacular design.

We believe in our responsibility to the built and natural habitat. We are each on a journey of discovery and professional fulfilment, and find that we thrive when we work together and share opinions and experiences. SableBlOGS is our medium to learn about and share the world of architecture on our Island.