Client vision = DNA of the design

Owner / architect collaboration is a key dynamic in our design process. We see our clients as integral members of the project team, and we encourage their involvement through a collaborative process built on strong communication. Together we achieve design excellence, budget / schedule compliance, and sound technical execution.

Our Services
  1. Pre-design, planning, and project feasibility analysis
  2. Schematic design and 3-dimensionalization
  3. Design development
  4. Construction documentation
  5. Tendering, builder selection, and permitting documentation
  6. Construction and contract administration


Additional Services:

  1. Building envelope quality assurance testing
    • Energy modeling
    • Air-barrier envelope testing
  2. Building condition and energy audits
Our Core Values
  1. Energy Efficiency – Benefitting your budget and the environment, SableARC is committed to designing buildings that are energy efficient and eco-effective. We prepare design strategies early in the process to integrate the most useful and cost-effective energy efficient design options that suit any given budget.
  2. Aesthetics – Inspired by your vision, we provide a clean aesthetic with a professional eye to achieve a distinctive and genuine design, specific to you and your project.
  3. Natural Light and Passive Solar Strategies – Smart design with a thoughtful approach to site orientation can provide many benefits including natural light exposure and solar heat gain. This simple, cost-effective design method will improve a building’s interior environment and reduce energy demands on electrical and mechanical systems.
  4. Air Quality – Occupant health and well-being is top of mind. We select materials and systems that minimize indoor air pollutants and work with engineers to ensure that ventilation systems provide a constant supply of clean, fresh and conditioned air.
  5. Maintenance and Durability – Most building failures result from moisture entering the building (peeling paint, mold, or rot). One of our primary design focuses is on the building envelope and assemblies.  We pay close attention to the details and recommend the most suitable construction methods to minimize the exchange of heat, air, water, and moisture from the indoor to the outdoor environment.  This helps to minimize maintenance, maximizes durability and improves energy efficiency.  To be sure that the envelopes we design perform as they should, we also offer building envelope testing services.
Our Process

Constructing a new or renovated building is often a major milestone in the lives of our clients.  We make it a top priority to ensure that the design and construction process is an enjoyable, stress-free and satisfying experience for our clients.  We involve our clients and demystify the process so they are empowered as key participants.  Here is what you can expect:

Discovery & Needs Assessment

During the discovery process, we take note and careful consideration of your needs and circumstances to accomplish all your objectives.  This works to add continuous value throughout the design process.  From site planning and programming analysis to landscape, streetscape, and municipal considerations, we address all factors, hidden and apparent, so there are no surprises and your project is successful through construction and beyond.


We recognize how central your built environment is to your quality of life, productivity and well being.  Truly understanding our clients’ needs and how they want their space to look and function is a fundamental step in our process.  SableARC is well known for making the most out of your wants and needs.  We put great value on this stage and consistently find that careful attention here results in a superior final product.


  • To provide a distinctive design that expresses your values, we pay close attention to your desired style, needs, and objectives as we work toward the optimal solution. To your vision, we add expert guidance on aesthetics, performance, space allocations, resource efficiencies, and sustainable design.  The design process provides time for all ideas to be properly evaluated for the best possible outcome.  The design process includes the 3 typical phases:
  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation

For each phase, clear objectives and deliverables are established for client approval before moving onto the next stage of the design’s development.  We provide cost estimates throughout the design process to make sure project directives are met, prioritized and within budget.

Construction Administration

We provide specialized oversight and advocate on your behalf through the tender and construction process.  We manage the cost bidding procedures and help you select the best contractor for your development. As the design is implemented, we’re onsite at key milestones to ensure the building systems are congruent with the drawings and specifications prepared. We are there to make sure you get what you pay for with the quality of construction you expect and deserve.  We assist with cost control by working very closely with the awarded contractor.  Our team has lengthy experience with contract administration and have established a strong working relationship across the construction industry which helps considerably to avoid potential cost overruns and to deliver on project timelines.

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