St Joachims Hall

Project Title: St. Joachims Church Hall

Project Type: Community Hall

Project Size: 4,800 ft²

Location: Vernon River, Prince Edward Island

Completion: 2012


Located in rural Prince Edward Island, the new Hall is situated next to the beautiful 120 year old St. Joachims church. The new community building carried a restrictive budget for a program to facilitate a 250 person occupancy. The new building provides a secondary worship space, place for wakes, weddings and other community events. Although more modern in its vernacular, the main façade carries a modest portion of brick to help visual connect with the exiting brick church. The building also has large south facing glazing to provide ample natural light and passive solar gain. On entry you are presented with a birch panel feature wall that privatizes the washroom and provides a place for signage and event bulletins.

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