Project Title: RiverHouse

Project Type: Summer Home

Project Size: 2,400 ft²

Completion: 2015


The RiverHouse is nestled at the edge of the Trout River, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Prince Edward Island’s waterways and rolling hills. Its architecture and siting offer a variety of breathtaking broad and framed views of the river, embankment and dynamic landscape. The project represents the coming-together of a multitude ideas. With a focus on forms that enrich livability with functionality, the design strategy can best be described as a balanced negotiation between traditional building methods and modern achievements in architecture. It is a uniquely modern form, rooted in the style and materiality of its neighboring farm structures. The house has been planned around the function and purpose of an open plan concept, orientation to specific views, while enjoying the benefits of passive solar gain and natural ventilation.

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