logologo-2Project Title: PCH Biomass Facility

Project Type: Biomass Furnace Building

Project Size: 3,000 ft² Location: Summerside, PE.

Completion: 2017


The Prince County Hospital (PCH) Biomass Facility will provide the PCH and neighboring community-care facility with its primary heating through the burning of biomass products such as wood chips and pellets; a very renewable and eco-friendly fuel source. The building form has been designed to invoke an attractive but industrial look. It rises up to the south with large glass windows and garage doors that showcase the two Veissmann boilers and augur system within. It will not only help to heat the existing hospital and community-care facility; it will also heat itself with use of passive solar gain and radiant heat generated from the boilers production. The large overhang has been designed to allow the winter sun to pierce deep into plan, while providing shade during the summer months.

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