Mutch Apartments

Project Title: Mutch Apartments

Project Type: 20-Unit Apartment Development

Project Size: 48,400 ft² / 3,420 m²

Completion: TBD


This proposed apartment project is to be located on Stratford Rd, Pei; a historically significant property once home to the Mutch Residence. Presently in the design development stage, the building has been planned as a high-quality seniors living facility with 20-large elder-friendly unit designs, underground parking and shared communal spaces. Although the building will stand 3-stories in height it has been designed with deep sloped roofs and dormers to read as a 2-1/2 story structure to be more complimentary to the smaller commercial and residential properties adjacent. The building will also incorporate various eco-friendly features such as an energy-efficient building envelope, heating and cooling systems with maximized solar-gain and natural lighting strategies. In honor of the previous Mutch homestead, the building façade will incorporate brick veneers a-like and some of the salvaged brick from the original structure will be re-used in the form of an entrance sign and commemorative installation in the common spaces

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