Project Title: MacNeil Residence

Project Type: Single Family Home c/w In-law Suite

Project Size: 6,500 ft²

Location: Winslow, Prince Edward Island

Completion: 2015


Although the house was designed to read as a single-family home from the roadside, it contains a 4,200 ft² home with a 1,300 ft² in-law suite with separate access and garage. The residential portion is built atop a commercial steel and concrete platform structure with a large underground garage below for the storage of landscape equipment and recreational vehicles. The house was designed into an existing and sculpted landscape that helps protects it from the busy road to the northeast. The floor plan was elongated along an east-west and north-south axis to create various segregated outdoor spaces; large private rear patio at the southeast and entry porch to the main house on the northeast corner, side entry porch to the northwest and rear patio to the in-law suite on its southwest corner. Although quite large in total gross area, the house appears much smaller in size with a tight footprint, steep intersecting rooflines and engaged dormers for occupy-able roof attic space.

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