Project Title: Li Tiny House

Project Type: Passive Solar Tiny House

Project Size: 700 ft²

Location: Johnsons River, Prince Edward Island

Completion: Spring 2017


The design for this ‘Tiny House’ is specifically derived from site specific attributes, access to passive solar gain, natural ventilation and client’s specific needs. Located in the Johnsons River area of PEI, this tight floor plan has been laid-out to take full advantage of passive solar heat and westerly views towards the Hillsborough River. The main level box features a living space, bathroom, kitchen/dining area and guest bedroom. The second-floor level provides a master bedroom, elevated deck over-looking the river and an open office space. A large deck is also located to the south, protected by a short shed that provides privacy from the neighboring property, public road and elevated support for a solar electric PV system. A screen porch has been designed below the second-floor master bedroom deck with a large sliding glass door toallow the living spaces to expand and connect to the outside during the seasonal months. Solar shades will be suspended from each south facing window to protect the living spaces during the summer months with a stainless Selkirk flue rising between and providing an exhaust from a small wood stove in the living room. The house will be finished in wood clapboard, metal siding and a standing-seam metal roof. The building envelope is an insulated wood structure with continuous rigid insulation on the exterior, R60 blown-in roof insulation and triple-glazed vinyl windows and doors.

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