Grafton Prince Townhouses

Project Title: Grafton Prince Townhouses

Project Type: Townhouse Development

Project Size: 21,600 ft² / 2,010 m²

Completion: Conceptual Design – Project Closed


This eco-friendly townhouse development was planned for the corner of Grafton and Prince in downtown Charlottetown. Nine 2,400 ft² townhouses were planned to share the lot with private off-street parking garages and roof decks. The design carried a variety of eco-effective design attributes such as; an R35 insulated exterior envelope in 14” ICF block, ‘ sun-catcher’ third floor level loft space with a continuous stair and light well, green roof with private roof deck access, space for PV’ s and solar boiler systems, low VOC and recyclable/recycled interior building finishes. The building was also planned to take advantage of the regional heating system that runs parallel with the lot. The modern form was to be composed of metal and FSC wood composite siding, aluminum-clad fiberglass window units and glass railings

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