Project Title: Cope Passive Solar Home

Project Type: Passive Solar House

Project Size: 3,200 ft²

Completion: Concept Study


Planned for a heavily wooded lot in Watertown Connecticut, this passive solar house was a conceptual study into form and layout, relative to the site, privacy and access to ample solar gain. The passive heating strategy was designed around a continuous spin that provided the primary circulation path. Running east to west, this spine was bounded by a colonnade with large south facing glazing units to help capture the suns heat. On the rear (private) side of the house, the colonnade supported the upper-story bedrooms and provides some solar shading to the open-space planning living spaces below. A large family room space was also designed perpendicular to the solar spine to provide privacy for the rear deck and back yard from the front yard, driveway access and public street.

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