Project Title: Allen Residence

Project Type: Passive Solar House

Project Size: 1,200ft²

Completion: 2012


The Allen Passive Solar house project included an in-depth climatic and site analysis to determine the most effective site location, orientation, building form and passive climatic design strategies. The analysis included a site specific break-down of the macro and micro annual wind and solar patterns. This information, coupled with the client’s specific needs, provided a set of design guidelines for the production of a unique form that optimized its use of solar gain, cross-ventilation, cold winter-wind sheering and views to the beautiful farm-scape surrounding the home. Various roof shapes were investigated, from a ‘butterfly’ roof for the collection of rain-water and snow to a salt-box shape and mono-pitch to harvest the three-season solar heat with an elongated overhang to block out the summer sun. With use of ICF construction, increased roof insulation, passive solar gain and earth-berming to the north, east and west the house design has proven to be very energy efficient, only requiring about a half cord of wood to heat it through the winter.

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