SableARC Studios is a forward-thinking architectural firm based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. We provide design and planning services for residential, commercial, and institutional projects and offer expertise in cost-effective use of sustainable design methods and building practices.

The design team at SableARC Studios is driven by the challenge of creating homes, buildings and spaces that enhance our natural and built environments. Our designs compliment local and historical design traditions with modern ideas, sustainable materials, and new technologies. This approach results in uniquely modern architectural products, which are functional and efficient for the end user and the environment.

At SableARC Studios, we also appreciate the realistic constraints of budget and time that apply to most projects. For this reason, we are committed to collaborating with our clients throughout their design process to ensure that a quality product is delivered to meet the unique requirements of each project.

“Taken alone, tradition stagnates and modernity vaporizes. Taken together, modernity breathes life into tradition, and tradition responds by providing depth and gravity.”

– Octavio Paz

Principal Architect

Project Manager / Interior Designer

Senior Architectural Technologist

Architectural Technologist / Contract Administrator

Architectural Technologist


Office Manager

Design Intern



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